Marcia's Ponderings
AKA her Blog

Spring 2017

  • I though it would be interesting to use this space for a series of questions and random thoughts where I'll present the idea or question, and, as I add thoughts about that subject, I'll present them below. Since some many of my current thoughts are about the state of the environment, the earth and everything that lives upon it, the loss of civility and such matters, it is likely that those fears, concerns and prejudices will be reflected in this blog. It is not my desire to offend anyone or criticize another's beliefs. If any of you disagree or find my ideas abhorrent, please just stop reading them, it isn't necessary to criticize, or denigrate me - just stop reading this blog or looking at my website. I don't want to argue or oppose anyone, just ask questions based upon my beliefs.

  • We all have preferences for the type of art we like, does that mean we should critique other forms, or should we just accept our differences and be quiet?

  • How do you feel about art that has a political slant? What about sentimental art: babies, kittens, puppies?

  • If you create art, are you affected by the spirituality of your subject? If you encounter ideas you oppose can you be be objective about those thoughts when expressed by others? Is there any reason you should expose yourself to opposing beliefs?