Bad News, Good News
Good News, Bad News

Friday was my Bad News, Good News day. Nothing was neutral; it was all bad and good simultaneously.

Started the day by watching the Today show. Suddenly the screen was bright blue and there was no sound. Tried the tape that was in the VCR and it displayed perfectly – the problem was in the cable box.
Bad News. Unplugged and disconnected the box to turn it in for a new one. There was no trouble removing the connections. Good News. Took cable box out to car.

Remembered that the 3 library books are overdue and needed to be returned. Returned to house to get them and find 2.
Good News. The third book is missing. Bad News. Put the 2 books in car and started driving to warm the car for inspection. Looked for inspection stations – noticed one on the corner of Waverly and Main streets made plan to return when car is warmed up.

Took cable box to office – replaced with no discussion.
Good News. Get a sales pitch on how Digital TV would be much better. Bad News.

Took books back to library. Pay $2.15 in fines.
Bad News. Manage to leave library without any new books. Good News.

Went back to the inspection station, only one car waiting. Got in line. Pulled into inspection bay. Attendant says, “Your left front tire is flat. Didn’t you notice?” Responding sarcastically, “No one would drive with a flat tire, of course I didn’t see it.” He agrees to put air in it after the inspection is completed. At least the tire wasn’t damaged.
Good News. Didn’t find it until inspection. Bad News.

One of the brake lights doesn’t work. Found out.
Good News. Found it during inspection. Bad News. Attendant agrees to replace the bulb and not fail me on inspection. Good News.

Decided not to press my luck and gave up for the day. In evening, learn that the Heron and Swan are back on Charles River.
Great News. Didn’t get to see them. Bad News.