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2016 - End of Year

It's December already? Hard to believe. More unbelievable, to me, are the reactions to my artwork. I'm almost 80 years old and my work is suddenly being juried into online galleries as well as into the Cambridge Art Association and other Massachusetts galleries.

I'm astonished and very pleased by the idea of people seeing and enjoying my work. In addition, I've been able to paint again and am enjoying my own work. I had a cracked vertebrae and couldn't lean over the table to get any work accomplished. For a while, I couldn't even spend several hours a day, on the computer, working on my photography and abstracts. Now I can do all those things and don't mind not being able to drive, very much.

Thank you all for your support and enjoyment of my artwork. If there is a particular photograph you especially like, please use the 'Contact Me' page and I'll see what I can do to let you have one.

May 2017 bring you all the Joy, Love, Peace, Health and Laughter you wish for yourself.

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What is Art? What is an Artist? Perhaps most significant - Why should we care?

Is it marks made on a piece of paper, or can it be words - spoken or written. Can it be sound - spoken, sung or played through an instrument. Could a person who places furniture in a space be an artist? What about the chef who produces a spectacular meal, presented beautifully on a plate? Is there anything a person can do that might not be art?
My mind went here because a former classmate just published her first novel and emailed “I'm an artist” when it became available. I began to wonder who considers themselves “an artist”? Do most writers? What about a fashion designer? Or jewelry designer, or shoe designer?
If I purchase a book, or a dress or pair of shoes is it art? - under what circumstance do I consider any of those things a work of art? Currently, my answer would be based upon the uniqueness of the piece. That may change as my explorations expand.
Again, What is Art? Is it Marks on paper? Or don't we really need paper? Can it be cloth or canvas or plastic? What about objects placed together in some form to create a collage or sculpture. Art can contain color or be black and white. In other words, art can be whatever the creator, or artist envisions.
For me, Creation requires using a variety of tools. I write poetry, using pen and paper. For some reason, the words flow better using a pen instead of my iPad or a keyboard. While writing an essay or creating a blog about my thoughts works best on my iPad. Why the difference? I'm not sure, but to quote a favorite TV character “It's my process!”
When I create art that will hang on walls it takes a number of forms, photography, drawings, and painting.
My original creative vision came with my first camera, when I was 10. Photography has been a passion of mine ever since. I love using my cameras to capture scenes of the world around me, flowers, birds, animals, and landscapes. Interestingly, as my world becomes narrowed I keep finding photo opportunities among that which is familiar. While I may, infrequently, photograph people, my interest lies in photographing those things, in nature, that may not be obvious to others.
Finally, I draw and paint, using a variety of materials. My drawings use pens or markers to produce a basic outline which is then scanned into my computer, where I apply a variety of filtering techniques to portions of the image. I then print out the filtered image and use pens and brushes with glitter, metallic and watercolor inks to complete the piece of art. For my paintings, I work with acrylic or watercolor paints using a variety of materials to provide textures and patterns.

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Another Artist's Website - Why Bother?

I created this website because my family and friends have been telling me that I should do more to let people see my work. While I would be glad to sell any of my artwork, that is not the primary reason for this website. My purpose is to enable people to see samples of my work and, for them to be able to choose what they would like to see.
There are 2 other reasons for creating this site. First: As an artist I am frequently criticized because I am "supposed" to create using a specific subject and/or style and/or medium and/or ... While there are some trends visible in my work, I am inconsistent in what techniques and mediums to use. I enjoy trying new materials, new tools and new styles. So, while many people enjoy specific pieces of my work, the styles are too diverse to appeal to a broad audience. Second: My favorite activity is learning something new and I had never attempted to create a website or even considered what would be involved in that activity, so my struggles have also been a pleasure.
Your reaction to this website, this blog or to the website structure and its contents would mean a great deal to me. For example how should the photographs be presented, by subject, by location, by date or by ??? - what would you prefer or don't you care? Again, would you like me to indicate the size, materials, price of the hangable work?. Of course, if you want any information about any particular piece use the 'Contact me' page to ask. Similarly, let me know if you would like to start a dialogue, or change this site or ... It is worth noting, if you just don't like the site or think my work is terrible or not worthwhile don't bother emailing - I don't need the criticism and won't change myself if that's what you want. However, I really want to know what you think and how it can be better, more interesting or improved. I would also like to know if you would like more or less of any of the subjects.

As I say in my artistic statement, I enjoy painting non-realistic images - those things that come out of my mind not my visual memory. My paintings are usually acrylics or acrylic ink on canvas or watercolor papers. My drawings, on the other hand, are shapes which are then scanned into the computer. Areas of those drawings are selected and filters or patterns inserted. These drawings are printed on heavy matte paper and I use pens with glitter inks, metallic inks and gouache paints to produce final abstracts. It should be noted that they are impossible to adequately photograph so they can't be submitted to any selection process where the selection is chosen from an online submission. My first, and still favorite medium is photography. I got my first 35mm camera about 60 years ago and have been photographing the world around me ever since. No day trip, vacation, flower, bird or scene has been exempt from my attempts to capture the essence of what my eyes have seen. Since I am, at heart, a nerd [is that term still used?], I frequently use the computer to manipulate my photos to transform them into an altered piece of art.
Please use the 'Contact Me' page to comment, express an opinion, ask a question, start a dialogue or anything else pertaining to art and its endeavors.