Images accepted in Competitions
Over the past year, I have had a number of my images juried into on-line gallery shows as well as the Cambridge Art Association. The galleries, show name and name of the piece are in the descriptions
Haskell-GlowingStada.jpg - 'Cityshape' show - 'Glowing Stada'

InsideOrOut.jpg - 'Open Subject show - 'In or Out'

PowWowViewers.jpg - 'Open Subject show - 'PowWow Viewers'


Fusion Arts PS 'Colorful Abstractions show - 'Balam'

Spring_EarlyPreLeaves.jpg -'Seasons' show - "Before the Leaves"

AutumnTree.jpg -'Seasons' show - "Autumn Tree"

GlowAroundTree.jpg - 'Nature' show - "Glow Around Tree"

Haskell_Swan.jpg - 'Animals' Show - "Swan Sailing Along"

Haskell-TreeFrogonPetals.jpg - 'Botanicals' Show - "Tree Frog on Petals"

Haskell-RushingMountainStream.jpg - 'Landscape' Show - "Rushing Mountain Stream"

Haskell-Watching.jpg - 'Abstracts' show - "Watching"

Haskell-GlowingStada.jpg - 'Cityscape' show -"Glowing Stada"

Haskell_GlowingBuildings.jpg - 'Cityscapes' - "Glowing Buildings"