There are some subjects that stand out as having changed my life in fundamental ways.

This section will present photographs of those subjects, hopefully with more narrative than are usually included with my normal images.


''We All Wear Masks, Don't We?"
I don't photograph people very often, it has always felt intrusive to me. I recently started putting photographs i have taken at family get togethers. A number of my family members were interesting history and politics. With the present state of government in Washington DC, I've been conversations with my father who taught high school history and civics. My Aunt Adele lived in Brooklyn, NY and she was always interested in politics. I can hear her horror at what is happening here in our country. I would so love to be visiting with her right now. As I thought about them, I got this idea of abstracting family photos with faces distorted t hide there feelings. That's how this series was born.
It is dedicated to Oscar and Ida- my beloved grandparents who taught me to think and then do. My parents Irving, and Charlotte, my aunts Beatrice and Adele all of you taught me to think and argue, but not hate. And for my sister Sheila and cousin Jon.

I miss and love each of you.


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The Next Series that reflects my special Love
is that of the PowWows I've attended over the years.
At the heart of any PowWow is the drumming circle (pictured below).
They provide the rhythm for the dancers, set the type of dance,
encourage the audience and generally set the tone for the day.
The larger PowWows frequently have alternating drum circles.

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Another important series came from my vacation in Alaska
i was supposed to go with my BFF, Carla.
A few weeks before our trip, she fell ill
and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.
These pictures are presented in tribute to her.

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